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More Ideas

This page displays some ideas for small house floor layouts. Remember we can supply any shape, floor lay-out and external finish you require. In some areas these models may not need planning permission if installed on our plinth system shown below. You should check with your local building control department. You will also need to take our specification to prove that the proposed building will comply with the required building regulation an safety codes. Many cheap imported "wooden" houses do not conform to regulations and are no more than large garden sheds.

What is the Swift Foundation System and Why Use it?

The first obvious advantage is a surface mounted product. No deep digging, no huge amounts of soil piled up to be relocated later. No heavy pouring of wet mix, no curing time and a fast foundation is created to minimize building time to create a weather-proof sealed envelope. Ground conditions assuming average compacted earth are fine to use this system on, simply remove a section of earth roughly the size of a paving slab and lay in the grid then fill with pea gravel, the rest of the plinth installation takes minutes to assemble.
Swift uses the reinforced grid and top stone to transfer point loads out into a footprint and dissipates it throughout the existing ground . No hard work involved and it actually provides a better result than traditional foundation systems.

The Swift system has a built in adjuster on each bracket, for easy levelling and each one adjusts up to 50mm so this helps with general levelling the whole building ring beam or floor cassette system. If you require to raise the floor level beyond the 340mm that the standard unit provides we can supply components such as brackets and interlocking base stones that will allow you to raise the level as necessary. This is ideal where you want to line a floor level in an existing building with a new extension.

The swift system lifts the base of the building from the ground, therefore this allows air to flow under your building, preventing direct damp transference and ground moisture build up which can lead to interstitial condensation occurring within unseen areas. There are no specialist skills required and the plinths can be re positioned and re used at any time.

The LISBON 42 m2 Weekend Holiday Lodge
This unit can be supplied with a pitch roof or a flat EPDM finish roof. Ideal for weekends away and a keenly priced investment lodge that can be used for leisure accommodation on holiday home parks, fishing lakes and retreats.

Sleeps 2 x Adults and 2 x Children. A canopy can be supplied for al fresco dining and can be installed on our Swift Plinth System or a Concrete Pad.

This MADRID design provides a living area of 67.5 m2 PLUS a useful porch area of 11.25m2 Comfortably accommodates 4 x Adults and has an en suite master bedroom.

An extended patio option for outside dining and sunbathing is possible.

Patio Doors are also an option with this model.

Can be used as a permanent home or a leisure building and is truly affordable.

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We only use harvested softwood timbers that are replaced at the minimum rate of 1 taken 2 replaced. Hardwood needs more than 100 years before it grows into a commercially useable size tree.

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