Glulam beams are used to provide a load-bearing capacity and can span huge areas from wall to wall with no internal support is available or wanted. Spans of up to 40m are possible.

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Glulam Beams

Glulam stands for Glued Laminated Timber manufactured to BS EN 386 and BS EN 390 , with glued end joints to BS 5268 part 2 Clause 3.4 . This timber is mainly from Scandinavian sustainable forests. The tree is usually spruce, though can sometimes be redwood or Siberian larch. Glulam is an engineered component at the cutting edge of modern construction technology.

Glulam beams can be used instead of steel or concrete in a building structure, with the following distinct advantages:

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The ecological alternative to steel and concrete where heavy loads and large spans are required. Very attractive finishes can be achieved with glulam beams after installation.

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