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The One Stop Shop:

Would you prefer a bespoke home to your own design specifications, in the location of your choice in Spain Portugal or France? Then Timber Engineering Europe can assist you to realise your dream.

Do you need help with a self-build project anywhere in Europe? Timber Engineering Europe can offer you several different options and services as well.

Language may be a barrier or not understanding the European Codes and Country of Residence "rules" can be a deterrent for a native not just a newcomer to the country.
Obtaining material supplies and securing reliable labour along with legal compliance and professional input can be a minefield so we at Timber Engineering Europe have put several schemes together which simplify all these issues and make it easy to achieve your goal.


Designers2 We provide the complete range of services you will require from basic design to securing your habitation license.
First Stop: Quotations - We can supply budget quotes for any project you have in hand
Second Stop: Tailor a construction package to suit you - there are several options such as self-build, managed build, or turn-key.
Third Stop: Our team of registered and practising architects will work with you to design a home of your choice and prepare all the drawings and documentation that you will need for a planning application.
Fourth Stop: Secure all licenses and approvals required to commence your project.
Fifth Stop: Once we are satisfied that all the above is in place, we undertake a structural calculation on the architects design and prepare manufacturing and site drawings for the full structural element.
Sixth Stop: All the components are made in our factory in UK and sent to your site where our team of erectors will erect the complete system.
Seventh Stop: Now all the structural elements are completed and all the necessary paperwork completed, the choice is yours - you can continue the finishing works or we will do it all for you.
Eight Stop: Your appointed architect or our contracts manager will make regular inspections of the project and report back to you - you don't even need to be in the country! A regular progress report with photographs can be arranged for absent clients.
Ninth Stop: We take all the documentation and final inspections to the local authority and secure the final certificates for you.
Tenth Stop: Move in!

You do not have to "sign up" for all 10 steps above - you may only need drawings or a licence, perhaps you have drawings and only need the timber frame structural package. Whatever your requirement is we can help you to build your bespoke home quickly, economically and most importantly - legally.

Contact us for free advice and more information on our services on: info@mytimberframe.com
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All our kits and components will meet the demands of all EU building codes.

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