Our partner factory has been manufacturing and supplying log homes continually since 1923 so with over 90 years experience in design and manufacture few others

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Our Quality:

Our partner factory has been manufacturing and supplying log homes continually since 1923 so with over 90 years experience in design and manufacture few others can rival our expertise.

We only use Northern White Cedar logs which are acknowledged as the very best timber for log homes because of its natural properties. Northern White Cedar naturally produces oils, which serve as a wood preservative and also acts an insect resistant barrier. Cedar for log homes is considered one of the most highly prized wood species because of this. Its durability is virtually unmatched and is classed as Durability class 2 in most class ratings world-wide and is equal to European Oak and Mahoganies.

construction This natural characteristic is not found in Pine, Spruce or Fir, resulting in its susceptibility to rot, decay and insect damage. Most Pine log homes require continual ongoing treatment against rot, mould and insects. No special treatments are required with Cedar Log Homes.

Our partner factory in Maine is located besides the huge stands of sustainable northern White Cedar in Canada & Northern USA so transport costs are very low and we pass the savings over to you so our fabulous White Cedar homes are comparable in price with cheaper Pine buildings supplied by others.

All timbers supplied by us are seasoned (air-dried) prior to use which prevents serious movement and damage such as shrinking, settling, twisting and checking problems that are common in pine logs that have been dried in heat kilns.

Our Unique Comfort System 5 Log Wall (TM)

arrow Air-dried cedar logs - Milled with an overhanging drip edge to whisk rain down and away from your home.

arrow Tongue-and-groove joinery - Provides a mechanical barrier to the elements by preventing air infiltration through the walls and helps to keep your logs walls straight and true during construction.

arrow An internal foam gasket barrier - Acts as an additional line of defence to insure your home against moisture and air infiltration.

arrow An external foam backer rod - Fits into the profile of each cedar log, which is grooved to accommodate it. This provides a non-adhesive surface so the caulking, which acts like an elastic band that expands and contracts with the wood, will stick only to the upper and lower wood surfaces of the groove.

arrow Perma-Chink Energy Seal exterior caulking - Especially formulated to fit in the 6mm groove on the exterior surface of our logs to protect your home from elements like rain and wind, which can cause problems with air and water infiltration. A thoroughly tested blend of acrylic polymer that dries to form an elastic, durable surface, Perma-Chink requires little-to-no maintenance. It is perfectly textured and coloured to blend beautifully with the natural tones of a your new Cedar Log Home, and it can be stained just like the logs, if you prefer a stained finish.

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Northern White Cedar is so durable (Class 2) that no chemical preservatives or treatments are required

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