Here we explain our ecological commitment to the type of timbers we use and how we manage our resources. It is worth noticing how much effort goes into supplying a quality product that we can warranty and guarantee.

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Timber Information

All timber used by our company MUST be of a recognized type and origin. It also must pass certain test rules and treatments:



There are basically two types of preservatives used in our industry known simply as "In Ground" or "Above Ground".
In both cases the timber should go through a Vac-Vac treatment and this is what happens:
In Ground Applications: A copper base is used in preserving fluids for in ground external applications. Alkaline copper quaternary systems have been in use over 10 years now all over the world, very successfully on Fencing, Timber Decking, Landscaping and Playground Equipment.

Above Ground: A borate base is used mainly, and protects against: Wood boring Insect and Fungal Decay. Is used on both internal and weather protected external timbers above ground.

Note: CAA (chromate copper arsenate) is now illegal in most countries because of its carcinogenic implications. All formulations which have replaced CAA MUST meet full European Standards BS8417

Attack Resistant to:
After treatment ALL timbers must be kiln-dried (KDAT) to a maximum moisture content of:
Typical Timbers to be used:
Standard: Known as AWPA - C9 Plywood - C31 Above ground ooc (out of contact with) P5 Environmental compliance

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Timber is an organic, non-toxic and naturally renewable building material. Processing timber is not a gas-guzzling procedure either. 77% of the energy used in the production of wood products comes from wood residues and recovered wood.

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